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About Yad Avraham

The Yad Avraham Institute was founded in 1986, from modest beginnings: Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky gave a single class at lunch time to a handful of young professionals gathered in a Fifth Avenue office.

Strictly through word of mouth, The Yad Avraham effort has grown to over forty or more classes each week, with hundreds of people attending them at our location in NYC. A number of regular study groups have completed several tractates of the Talmud.

The Institute accommodates Jews from all walks of life- those with the most advanced backgrounds in Jewish education and Judaism, to those with no affiliation whatsoever. Shiurim offered at the Institute range from advanced Gemara to basic Jewish Philosophy. There are no prerequisites other than a desire to learn.

Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky is the Dean and founder of the Yad Avraham Institute. Rabbi Kalatsky graduated from Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore and was a close Talmid of the late Rosh Hayeshiva Rabbi Yaakov I. Ruderman zt'l, founder of Ner Yisroel.

For the past seventeen years, Yad Avraham has inspired many individuals from all walks of life through its many classes given weekly to hundreds of participants.

Rabbi Kalatsky and Yad Avraham actively support many Torah causes world wide including:

  • Helping co-found Gateways with Rabbi Suchard. Rabbi Kalatsky serves also as a Board member of Gateways.
  • Many years of active involvement with building mikvos in Israel through Taharas Mishpacha.
  • Active support of Necivos Moshe, Lav L'Achime, and Yeshivas Shaarei Yosher

Yad Avraham Officers and Board of Directors


Board of Directors
Joseph Ambalu
Avi Dan
Andrew Duell
Louis Glick
Lee A. Haddad
Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky
Elliot Larner
David S. Lobel
George Rohr
Ira L. Rennert
David Shweky
David S. Lobel

Executive Director
Lee A. Haddad

Vice President
Dr. Alan Spiegel

Joseph Ambalu

Andrew Duell