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The Yad Avraham is engaged in disseminating Torah to tens of thousands of Jews around the world. This effort needs your support!

In addition to hosting classes throughout the week in NYC to hundreds of individuals, that Yad Avraham has launched the largest Torah dissemination project on the web. Over 250,000 Jews receive Rabbi Kalatsky’s Weekly Torah Commentaries every week. The Yad Avraham website is visited by hundres of thousands of people every month who attend live video classes or listen to the archive of 65,000 classes on virtually any Jewish subject. Audio CD’s of special classes are distributed in several communities in the New York area and are available to everyone.

These efforts have touched and affected many people’s lives who may not have access to Torah classes at the level given by the Yad Avraham. This however carries a substantial financial obligation. We ask you for your support.

We have several programs of participation and would like you to partake in this valuable mitzvah! You can help change the world and bring the ultimate redemption.
Friend of the Yad Avraham - $18 per month Donate
Partners in Torah Program - $180 per month Donate
Yad Avraham Member - $1,000 per year Donate
Benefactor of Torah - $360 per month Donate
Other donation $  Donate